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    Have an Old Car? Sell it in Vista Today!

    Are you tired of trying to sell your old, used car online? Have you listed it on Craigslist thinking it would sell quickly, but instead you have been fielding calls and messages that are full of questions and low-ball offers? If so, come to Cash for Cars in Vista instead. Our company will buy your used car from you, no questions asked! We will buy your car from you fast-for CASH!

    Our Company Promise

    Our promise to you is this- we will purchase your car from you, for cash, the very day you give us a call. It is really just that simple! Our company in Vista only handles one aspect of the car business and that is buying used cars from our customers. We don’t haggle or give you the run around when all you want to do is sell us your used car. Our employees are fast, friendly and completely competent when it comes to buying cars from our customers. We will provide you with excellent customer service from the moment you get in contact with us.

    No Emissions Necessary

    When you are trying to sell your old car in Vista, you will have to have an emissions test run on it in order to sell it to most other individuals or companies. If your used car is really old or run down, it may not pass right away, meaning you will be forced to put more money into the vehicle just to sell it. You don’t have to have an emissions test in order for us to purchase your car. We will buy it “As-is” and best of all, we pay CASH.

    Simple and Easy

    Our policy is to get you in and out quickly. Don’t wait around for strangers online who don’t want to pay you a fair price for your car. We will come out to your residence the very day that you call us and take away your used vehicle for cash. It doesn’t matter how old or beat up the car is. Even cars that no longer run will be taken away by us, for cash on the spot.

    Why Use Us?

    Again, we offer:

    • Cash payments
    • No emissions
    • Friendly and respectable employees
    • Online form

    We are here to service your needs in Vista! Call or fill out the online form today and get started on the sale of your vehicle! Next, visit our office to get cash.